Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A new meaning to "Border Radio": US Customs testing AM 530 radio locally

Straight out of Government Security News Magazine.com

Customs and Border Protection has installed AM radio broadcast systems at two Texas ports of entry aimed at transmitting information on required documents and procedures to border crossers there.

CBP said the AM radio frequency transmitters at border crossings at Ysleta in El Paso and Lincoln-Juarez in Laredo will communicate important border crossing information to travelers. It said it also plans more installations along the southern and northern borders in the future.

CBP added that the new transmission systems are part of its mission for ever-better methods of communications for the traveling public. The AM transmitter programs have been used effectively by highway and traffic authorities and the agency said it hopes it will be just as effective in its applications.

Information broadcast over the system, according to the agency, will include reminders of document requirements and how to use high-tech travel cards, information about CBP’s Trusted Traveler Programs, basic border crossing rules and regulations. It will also give each port of entry the ability to update emergency travel information quickly.

During the technology’s pilot phase, CBP said it will monitor the effectiveness of the new tool in a few locations on the northern and southern borders. Analysis of the pilot will inform further system installations and messaging.

CBP said it has transformed the way it does business at land ports of entry over the last few years and one of the key elements is the concept of active travel lane management at crossing points. The concept, it said, allows infrastructure enhancements like improved license plate readers and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology coupled with new Ready Lanes, light emitting diode (LED) signage and Trusted Traveler lanes (NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST) to facilitate the entry process for travelers.

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  1. Your TAX Dollars at work! And Laredo can't afford a decent English language radio Station! Take another step backwards Laredo! Just like that gilr said on her videoooo!