Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Waving canes at the digital revolution

"beep, beep, beep, beep.......beep!"

I've noticed that smart phones are frequently involved whenever I find myself waving my cane at someone. Here are some examples of just what I'm talking about:

A little girl is enjoying herself at a local indoor playground. Every time she climbs up a little higher or manages to maneuver her way through the playground, she proudly calls out for her mom to take notice: "Mommy, mommy, look!, mommy look!........mommy?". Of course the young mom is too busy being entranced by her latest smart phone and without even turning to look at her child, offers a lame "wow..that's great". The child, puzzled keeps staring at her mother wondering why she doesn't even turn to acknowledge her gymnastic accomplishments, "mommy?".

At a local restaurant, a young female maybe around 30, sits across from an older gentleman. I'm guessing the man is her father. As he slowly eats his meal, carefully chewing every bite, his daughter spends her time messing around with all the marvelous applications her smart phone has to offer. Every time the older gentleman looks up towards her direction, he sees only the back of her smart phone.

At Johnny Carino's, as I sit and enjoy my unlimited soup and salad for $6.95, a party of 5 is seated at a nearby table. There is the usual chatter going on all around. As a few customers leave, it suddenly seems a little bit too quite. I'm also sure the party of 5 has left. As I glance towards the general direction of their table, all 5 (five) of them simultaneously hypnotized by, you've guessed it, their indispensable smart phone.  I feel like waving my mini-loaf of bread at them, but I manage to restrain it's pretty good tasting bread and I wouldn't want to drop it.


  1. Did you tell those crazy kids to get off your lawn too?

  2. I often wonder how my life would be if I had a cell phone, and Facebook during junior high and high school. Oh, and can someone tell the water/utilities director to sit farther back at council meetings? He always comes out on camera fiddling with his cell phone.