Friday, March 2, 2012

Early Morning Cane Waving

"In My Day......*$#@^*!+#*%^!*^#!"

It's only slightly past 9 AM and already, I've been out waving a few canes this morning.

Shortly before 8am at the McDonald's over at Mines Roads, I mentally waved a few canes at the manager on duty when she decided to carry on an argument with a customer in full view of all others in the lobby. Obviously, she's never heard that the customer is always right- and even if he's wrong (which this guy might have been), there's probably a better way of handling his complaint.  Still, I waited for my oatmeal and walked out shaking my head.

Heading back into "town" on IH-35 South, a 40ish looking female proceeded to enter the ramp right in front of me with her cell phone glued to her left ear all the while. It was only my alertness that prevented a mishap from occurring as a result of her digital addiction. Incidentally, I managed to slow down, keep my vehicle in the proper lane and wave my verbal cane at her at the same time.

About 10 minutes later, I walked into City Hall (not the non-annex) to pay my water bill. For one thing, the receptionist did not greet me with "good morning" as I did her. I guess she didn't get the memo from Subway where you'll always hear "welcome to Subway". I'm probably sure even the fake-gun guy was given a hardy welcome by the Subway clerk before he proceeded to stupidly scare her.  Anyway, if the receptionist's aloofness was not enough to incite more cane-waving, I think I saw a tattoo on her left arm.  Ok I know that probably about 99 percent of Laredo has tattoos but this one looked rather evil.

By the time I left City Hall, I felt like I should've have brought my other cane along. That way I could wave one out of each window as I drove around our beloved Gateway City.


  1. I guess La Sarita was right. :/

  2. If I had a cane in Laredo, I would be in jail for assualt.

  3. La Pinche Raza.

  4. I've been waving my cane at the t.v. lately. Since when does it take three+ hours to show a movie?


  5. Was it Eddie Macon's run????