Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Despues de atole: City finally finds out about Laredo Holt-Cat expansion

"Where do I look? Where are the cameras?.....Oh OK, there you are!" (Pic.from LMT)
Well, they were bound to find out about it over at city hall.  After LaredoTejas reported on it (twice) as did El Manana, someone reading the blogs over on Houston street must have come across the fact that Hold-Cat was expanding its presence in Laredo.

Lo and Behold, a photo-op that could not be turned down. The mayor quickly found a way to get over there just in the time for the cameras.

I watched the city council meeting on Monday and I do not recall Holt-Cat being on LDF's list of companies that either have already committed to the Gateway City or are thinking about it. Yet, as can be seen in the photo above, there's Nati, the LDF guy, between the chamber president and the mayor!

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