Sunday, March 25, 2012

Revisiting the llantas-cross fit connection

Last year (or some time ago), LaredoTejas posted on Laredo's affinity for dumping used tires practically all over our city. This is especially true in our city's West and South Sides, as has been painstakingly documented by Laredo's colossal blogger, Bordertown Blues.

In our previous post, we suggested that Laredoans who want to get rid of old tires, simply call one of the increasing number of cross-fit centers in town and generously donate your worn-out "llantas".

The cross-fitters could then send paying customers out to your place jogging to either roll back the donated tire or even bring it in by hurling it a few yards at a time.  Once the tire is on the cross-fit premises, it will be a valuable addition to its equipment inventory.

After all, tires are used to toss around, jump over, take out your aggressiveness on- by beating it up with a sledgehammer and they are especially perfect for the tried and true agility course.


  1. I'll justkeep dumping my tires in Laredo. I'm used to not having to do much to get rid of my trash.

  2. Exactly my point- one call to cross-fitters and vamonos!