Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mayor almost bites tongue off on live TV

I was ready to see Pro8News' first aid kit brought out onto the set of today's noon time show but it appears that Mayor Raul Salinas has figured out how NOT to bite his tongue while spewing hipocrisies. Fresh from a 42-member tour of our nations capitol at the expense of Laredo taxpayers, the mayor actually dared to cite the city's "budgetary restraints"! Y no se mordio la lengua!

What restraints might the mayor be talking about? Obviously (as he loves to say), those restraints were not enough to keep him and his entourage from making their gala trip to DC last week. What might be true, is that AFTER squandering all  sorts of the people's hard-earned money, the mayor and his minions might have brought on those financial "restraints" that he now alludes to.

"You know but with the budgetary restraints that we have" at :056

Video clip courtesy of LaSanbe


  1. Y los pobres taxpayers...paying for politicos and higher gas prices.

  2. I want to see receipts!