Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Robbing Peter to pay Paul (Raul) ?

"Um yes, the reason we're here are we this time?"

As Laredo's Most Imposing Blog, La Sanbe, recently posted, the city seems to be at odds with funding for the Laredo Development Foundation. Keyrose correctly pointed out how incensed councilman Juan Narvaez was when LDF board member Javier Garza alluded to the fact that McAllen had enough funds for their LDF counterpart to send their representatives to Korea in an effort to attract business. Narvaez, quickly questioned Mr. Garza if he knew what the results of McAllen's trip to the Far East had been. When Javier Garza answered that the had no further information, Narvaez stated out loud that the results must have been "negative".

With the LDF's budget having been reduced from around $400,000 a couple of years ago to the current approximate $250,000 one has to wonder if the difference ($150,000) is what the mayor and his entourage plan to use to fund their own trips to an assortment of places as they usurp the responsibilities (and $$ funding) of the Laredo Development Foundation.

If I'm not mistaken, I think someone at Monday's meeting mentioned an upcoming trip to Austin. I wonder how many are going to be in the mayor's posse this time around- all at taxpayer's expense of course.


  1. Nope, the $150k is going to be used to buy a basketball floor for the LEA.

    While I am a big fan of the LEA, I think this one idea misses the boat if you ask the right questions:

    1. Will the school distircts pay "rent" and operating cost of LEA in order to host a basketball game? (My guess it will cost around $10k per game for change over, clean up, utilities, etc....)

    2. Basketball playoff games are scheduled in a one to two week timeframe. If the LEA is booked for a weekend that a playoff game is scheduled, what will happen? (The Bucks, whose sehedule is set in July/Aug requires a 40 day notice to the league for a date change, or what about the circus, or other events?)

    Anyway, the city spends much less than 1/2 of 1 percent of the city budget on economic development. You get what you pay for.

  2. Whether or not the trip to Korea was successful, Mr. Narvaez (and the rest of the council) are missing the point. McAllen (as are other major cities) are far more agressive in economic development and way more successful in attracting businesses.

    As far as failed business trips go.....Central America anyone?