Monday, March 12, 2012

Those Dang Feds messin with us agin!

The U.S. has scuttled a Texas law that would have required voters to show a photo ID in order to vote, arguing that it would have unfairly targeted the state’s Hispanic voters. What’s more, the Justice Department also argued that there was no problem to fix in the first place—Texas had not demonstrated any significant fraud that the new law would have corrected.

It’s the second time the U.S. has struck down a voter ID mandate, the first time being a South Carolina law in December. Both states are appealing.


  1. if you're too stupid to ask WHY? Then you deserve the politicos that will cause havoc in your life.

  2. Thanks Leo Berman

  3. Question: How do you prove a person is not whom they say they are?

    Can you do it with a voter id card? No.
    Can you do it with a photo id? Yes.

    So, how do we know how many people voted illegaly in the past? We don't. Has it happened? Of course it does, you just can't prove it.