Monday, March 19, 2012

Now that was quick! Speedy seedy council

Laredo now has it's own official "March"

Laredo was founded in 1755 so that makes our Gateway City about 257 years old.  In light of this fact, it was sort of amusing how,  after all those years, all of a sudden - in a span of about 30 minutes, voila!, we suddenly had our very own official March.

At tonight's meeting, councilman Charlie San Miguel introduced a Mr. R.E. Lopez (hope I got the name right). Mr Lopez then proceeded to give about a 15 minute presentation on how and why he composed  "March of the Republic of the Rio Grande".  After his speech, he played the march for all the hear. Honestly, It was a rather good composition. Shortly afterwards,  a motion was made, followed by a second and Voila! we had our very first official "March of the City of Laredo".

Another fast-ball was thrown when the city was discussing the recent activity of the Laredo Development Foundation. Almost as an afterthought, councilman Mike Garza suggested that maybe, just maybe, fellow councilman Vera should be added to the Laredo Development Foundation's board of directors. Garza even admitted that he wasnt' sure of the protocol for doing such a thing. Nonetheless, he made a motion and presto!, councilman Vera is now on the LDF's board of directors.

I had to change channels so I didn't get to see the whole meeting but I'm sure there were more fun and games to be enjoyed.


  1. A la madre . . . that was quick. Now if they would only work as fast with the dumped tires in the barrios.

  2. I think they're going to propose that each barrio make a Michelin Man out of llantas and the winner gets to have his picture taken with the other michelin man- el mayor!