Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meanwhile down at the ranch

It's was peculiar that the city of Laredo decided to hold it's brainstorming, workshop session at the Needmore ranch somewhere out on Mines road. The mayor said that it was being held there in order to provide a change of pace and perhaps take advantage of the different surrounding in the hopes that the rustic atmosphere might trigger some good ideas for a change.

An interesting question is this: is it legal for the city to hold public meetings on private property? They did post the agenda and it did say that the public was invited but still it seemed rather strange for the event to take place at a non-public location. In this case, the Needmore Ranch, which according to the press is owned by the LaMantia family.

Just to be on the safe side, the mayor and council should really just stick to holding their meetings at City Hall or some other public facility. I wonder what the Texas Open Meetings Act has to say about this situation if anything.  All in all, it seems rather odd that they decided on the ol' ranch, I reckon.

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