Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How soon before Laredo's homeless are exploited ala SxSW ?

Fresh off a rather disturbing post on Laredo Most Impressive Blog (La Sanbe) about Austin's homeless population being used as human wireless transmitters, LT can't help but wonder how soon will the Gateway city's homeless be similarly exploited.

In Austin, homeless people were paid $20 a day to essentially serve as human transmitters and were told to mingle around the area with the biggest crowds.  No, this is not an episode of SNL or the Onion. This is the American Capitalist system at full throttle. Surely, with Laredo being full of enterprising individuals, we cannot be far behind.


  1. Just stay out of the right of ways!

  2. You're picture is not far off base LT. Do canoneros ring a bell?