Thursday, December 1, 2011

Laredo getting recycled, Shreveport-Bossier Captains in the form of "New" Laredo Lemurs

S U C K E R S !! is reporting that our beloved Laredo Lemurs are actually Shreveport's ex-team. The Shreveport-Bossier Captains baseball team has been sold and will now be moving to their palatial $18Million dollar new baseball park right here in our beloved Gateway City.

 For this, we have to thank the wreckless sleight-of-hand of the Laredo seedy council and assorted culprits. Think of it: we've got an $18 Million dollar, brand spanking new baseball field to offer and the best we can get is a used, sold-off, recycled team?  Thanks a lot to all those in Laredo politics that made this fleecing of our taxpayers possible.

From KTBS.Com

The Shreveport-Bossier Captains minor league baseball team has been sold and is moving to Laredo, Texas, next season.

The new team is a member of the American Association and will be called the Laredo Lemurs.

"We thank everyone involved with our efforts in Shreveport-Bossier for the last nine years, starting with the fans, along with sponsors, city officials, and our staff," team president Scott Berry said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.

The city of Laredo is building an $18 million, 6,000-seat ballpark. The Captains played at Fair Grounds Field in Shreveport.

Also, here's an interesting post in regards to the above KTBS story. This individual seems to have a rather low opinion of the Gateway City as well as of those who make these multi-million dollar deals and in the process, rip off unsuspecting taxpayers from mid-sized towns all across the country.


If anyone thinks Shreveport is a crappy place, then they've never been to Laredo, TX. All the readers here shouldn't take this personally, these types of teams aren't really successful anywhere. They just move them around, milk the money they can out of the market, and then move them somewhere else once the "new" wears off.

The only one doing really well of this deal is whoever the politically-connected contractor is in Laredo that talked them into building an $18 million ballpark.

Yesterday, 2:42:29 PM

LaredoTejas, likewise, has predicted that the Captains Lemurs will come into Laredo, pander to the unsuspecting kids and their parents with their connection to the animated motion picture Madagascar 3, which by then will be nearing release, rake in the big bucks and skip town shortly aftewards.

Oh wait, we should be grateful, I've heard that they might even let Laredo kids run the bases after the games. Now thats worth $18 Million dollars right there!  


  1. Excellent post. Well done.

    The truth is also that Ventura Sports, which the seedy city council said was a strong choice because they presented a 1 million dollar bid over the Broncos (which by the way Ventura never were forced to pay later on that 1 million dollar offer that clinched it for them) Ventura has no money whatsoever, they are used by some in the city council to obtain control.

    This is a Laredo Parks and Rec. power grab led by the City Manager and his assistants. This is a money pit that they can profit off. Ventura is just a mule carrying the cocaine for the real dealers which is the some of council members and local elites.

    That stadium while it says it is going to be 18 million. WILL NOT BE finished on time and also, it will not cost 18 million to build, about 8 million will be pocketed and stolen but told to you and I, that 18 million was spent.

    The Lemurs will fold in 2 to 3 years, mark it.

  2. Good info there Maximiliano. Eye opening, in fact.

    Perhaps it would be a prudent to start a pool with an over-under of when the Lemurs will bail on Laredo. Anonymous, writing above, seems to have it right at about 2-3 years.

  3. You all have said it all about Laredo. The people here will not support anything, yet they constantly whine about nothing to do.

    Laredo home of the crook, uneducated, and naysayer.

  4. OH,so we should support the Crooked and the Uneducated? That's absolutely a NAY!


  5. There are a lot of things to do in Laredo. That's the reason George Lopez keeps coming to Laredo so much.

    Where can I get a Captains jersey so I can wear it every time I go see a Lemurs game?


  6. Good question, I'm sure there's a lot of people in Shreveport-Bossier wanting to get rid of their Captain's gear. Watch it for on e-bay!

    By the way, according to Wikipedia, Madagascar is the ONLY place on Earth where Lemurs have ever been found in nature. So much for the mysterious Lemur of Lake Casa Blanca. What a Joke!

    Hey Keyrose, maybe you can attend the next seedy council meeting in a Captains' jersey!


  7. The Captains had a losing record last year and were 14 games out of 1st place. Pete Incavilia is a drunken fool, horrific manager, watch the team be the joke of the league. Watch for your local city council members and local elites, alongside all the white people running the stadium to be completely arrogant to you and your family at the stadium. Just watch.

  8. Watch for your local city council members and local elites, alongside all the white people running the stadium to be completely arrogant to you and your family at the stadium. Just watch.

    /Hitting nail on head

    You are 100% correct

  9. Get those Pitchforks and torches ready BTB!

  10. If you think the LEA was arrogant in the way they treated you while inside there to watch a concert or see the Bucks, just wait how much more arrogant they will be inside the baseball stadium.

    Over the top security, bunch of out of town white people with walkies pretending to be better than you, even the Mexican workers that will be working at the stadium will give you the "I'm better than you because I have a walkie talkie" treatment.

    From WBCA to LEA to now the baseball stadium, these places are just for the local elite, not for Juan and Pepe from south Laredo.

    Boycott the new stadium and send a message. These out of town owners and operators alongside your corrupt city council, is in this for their pockets not for the city's benefit.

    Just keep an eye on how arrogant and pompous they will be at this new stadium. You think I'm joking. Just watch.

  11. You are really a sad underclass person aren't you. All the white boogeymen ruining your life.

  12. I'm white. Both parents are white. So your argument is moot.