Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's better to give than to receive- especially in front of the cameras

The give-away continues around the gateway city. This past week, numerous elected officials have been featured in the news giving away all sorts of gifts and treats to kids, parents and older Laredoans. It's amazing how the cameras always seem to "just happen to be there". 

The generosity, for the most part, seems to be funded by Laredo taxpayers but this is never mentioned. The intention is for those in receipt of these give-aways to think that it comes directly from their benefactors. The only mention I heard Pro8News make of anything to the contrary was that the Sheriff's wife pitched in to participate in the gift-giving.  If that's the case, hats off to her.


  1. Max, you nailed it. Using public funds like this is nothing more than ILLEGAL campaigning at the publics expense.

    Let the politicians hold bake sales, or do like some groups do, stand on the street corners and beg for money for whatever cause they can think of.

  2. That's what my last post was about but Tom Wade said it more bluntly and accurately. In the case that I pointed out, the LWA was really disheartened and almost canceled since the mayor preempted them by one day and as his press release stated it was for "photo opportunity." Fue el colmo de vanidad.