Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nambre! alcavo que nomas es El West Side

Que se esperen! It's only the West Side.

This morning, I happen to be driving in the downtown area and was on my way towards the St. Peter's Historical District when I noticed a train, on it's way to the railroad bridge, was blocking Santa Maria.  As most people would, I proceeded East on Scott street until I reached San Bernardo, which was clear. Therefore, I was able to continue on to where I was going.

On my way back, probably about 30 minutes later, Lo and behold, Santa Maria was still being blocked!  There was no signs of any LPD officers nor of any switchmen around to explain the long delay. The citizens were left to fend for themselves. Those driving had to go way out of their way to get around the blocked crossing but what about the pedestrians?  Yes, there were some of them and from I could tell, some had to resort to walking about 6 blocks, 12 actually to get back to the Santa Maria area.  Also, there were those who, for whatever reason, chose to simply wait.......and wait....and wait.

It's only the West Side so I'm sure that the Mayor and the notorious Seedy Council could care less. In the past,it was mostly the far West railroad crossings around Jefferson, Sanchez and Scott that were blocked all the time. Sometimes, the denizens of that part of town would get fed up and simply "pull the pin" on the train, activating it's emergency airbrakes. Entonces, todos la llevaban.

Now, it appears that the "far West Side" has gradually grown to include Santa Maria. As such, this rather busy West Side street has fallen victim to the indifference of the railroads and their cohorts over at city hall.

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