Friday, December 16, 2011

How will this one fare?

A couple of weeks ago, an attempt to establish a day care center in the heights area failed to garner the city council's approval. This coming Monday, there's another public hearing on a proposed zoning change in District I.  This particular change would be from be from R2 (Multi-Family Residential) to B1 (limited Commericial). Although a daycare center is not specifically mentioned, a google search turned up the following  picture of the address applying for the zone change : it does somewhat have the appearance of a small daycare center. It'll be interesting to see how the council votes this time around.

Incidentally, the below-listed agenda item indicates that staff does Not support the application.

From the City of Laredo city council agenda for Monday, December 19th

Public hearing and introductory ordinance
Staff does not support the application and the Planning and Zoning Commission recommends approval of the Conditional Use Permit. District I
amending the Zoning Ordinance (Map) of the City of Laredo by rezoning the south 1/3 of Lot 8 and the south 1/3 of the west 1/3 of Lot 7, Block 1606, Eastern Division, located at 2919 South Louisiana Avenue, from R-2 (Multi-Family Residential District) to B-1 (Limited Commercial District); providing for publication and effective date.

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