Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What will Laredoans do if NTSB gets its way?

For the thousands of Laredoans who appear to wait until they are actually in their cars to talk or text on their smart phones, the National Transportation Surface Board might be focusing on you soon.  There is news that the NTSB is out to eventually ban all cell/smart phone activities while driving.

Here's how it appeared on CNN

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  1. What strikes me as ood is how no one is saying just how much more efficient we are, and just how much precious gasoline we save by having mobile phones is our cars.

    What I see is a government run amok...of course they will grant themselves the privalege of using cell phones, or our elected folks will get drivers so they can sit in the back seat and use their phone.

    PS, this administrations Transportation Secretary has always wanted to ban phones in the car. He even has proposed having automakers install jammers inside of vehicles. This would address the enforcement problems.

    Also, this one life saved crap they are spewing is garbage. If one life was worth inconvienciing the masses, why are speed limits above 30 miles per hour on highways.

    Speed has always been, and always be the biggest cause of highway deaths.

    Nope, this is more nanny government.