Monday, December 5, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese would have taken away some of the spotlight

Photo appears courtesy of Colossal blog BorderTown Blues

As Mayor Raul Salinas nears the end of his Peter Piper's Pizza occupation, new theories are surfacing about why they Mayor did not choose Mall Del Norte's Chuck E. Cheese to stage his antics fundraising event. The latter location would have made perfect sense since Mall Del Norte is experiencing high traffic volumes during this Holiday season.

Well, some calls to the LaredoTejas news desk have hinted at a very plausible reason. It might just be that the Mayor chose to pass up on the high visibility that the Mall would have provided for the simple reason that it would've meant him sharing the spotlight with Mr. Cheese himself.

As overpriced as Chuck E.'s pizza is, the 6ft mouse still manages to draw a lot of attention from younger Laredoans. This fact might have very well translated into kids influencing their parents by insisting that they go to "see that giant rat on the roof", and I'm not referring to the Mayor this time.

All in all, it looks like Mayor Salinas has once again, outsmarted everyone and managed to ham it up for the cameras with no popular sidekick to steal his thunder.  The good thing: it's all for a good cause. 


  1. + 1

    I may have to charge LT for a new keyboard. I spewed coffee on mine thanks to you.

  2. A high compliment indeed! Obviously, (as the mayor likes to say) you must have taken at least one blog appreciation course.


  3. So can we officially call el payaso Mayor McCheese now ?