Saturday, December 10, 2011

Not a bad couple of weeks:World Trade Bridge Contract & Unitrade name to be slapped on taxpayer-funded baseball field

Congratulations to the broker guy (whose name escapes me right now) who, in the last couple of weeks, managed to land a lucrative contract (from the Laredo seedy council) to manage the World Trade's new refrigerated inspection center & then managed to get his brokerage firm's name, Unitrade, on the new $18 Million baseball field for the Laredo Lemurs.

Nice going, again, congratulations. It's amazing what you can do when you have the elected representatives of Laredo's taxpayers pulling for you.


  1. Shouldn't we know as taxpayers who funded this stadium to know how much money Ventura AKA city manager is getting from Unitrade, was it put out for a bid? Was Unitrade the biggest bidder? Why is no one asking questions?

  2. The stadium was built with voter approved funds from the 1/2 cents sports venue tax.

    The naming rights of the stadium was "sold" to Unitrade (I beileve the owners name is Eduardo Garza). Not sure for how much, but it may be public record, unless part of the contract with the baseball team lets them sell the naming rights.

    A company with ties to Eduardo Garza was awarded the management contract for the cold storage inspection facility.

    A lot of Eduardo Garza.

    Other than a cash payout, explain to me how any city staffer, including the city manager, may make any money off the ballpark? If you have proof of paybacks, call the FBI, they investigate those things.

  3. The selling of the baseball park name should be public; we shouldn't need a open records request to get that type of information. The FBI is too busy with the county but there's other things besides money that might be used in an unethical, if not illegal, manner.


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