Monday, December 5, 2011

"Buck Nation" should maybe be renamed "Buck Hamlet" : attendance woes continue

Sell-outs are definitely a thingof the past at "Buck Nation"

During the first couple of years of the Laredo's Bucks, their attendance numbers were pretty impressive. I recall reading about records being set rather frequently.  Back then, it was not unusual to have 8,000 people pack the Laredo Entertainment Center (LEA). Unfortunately, now it's pretty common for attendance at the LEA to hover closer to 2,000 fans.

Interestingly enough, the attendance figures are no longer available on the Bucks web page as they were during the teams' first years in town. Now, one has to go the League website (CHL) in order to get that information.

Of the 14 teams that make up the current CHL lineup, the Laredo Bucks rank 11th in attendance. The teams averaging the bigger crowds nowadays include:  Fort Wayne, 7,900 ; Wichita-5,700 and Missouri which averages around 5,500 fans per game.  Meanwhile, "Bucks Nation Hamlet has been averaging about 2,200 fans over 11 games.  The team's non-winning ways may be contributing to the low numbers. With attendance only at 25% capacity, how can the team continue its run at the Laredo Energy Arena?


  1. The LEA was foretold to be a white elephant, as is the new Lemur stadiu

  2. There is no way 2,000 people show up for a game. The numbers are inflated in order to use that for advertisers that have no idea, to fool them into buying ads based on attendance, if you put 100 people showed up, you will get no sponsors or they will leave. It's a known practice in all sports.