Thursday, December 29, 2011

Green Party to hold 1st Laredo Meeting

The first ever meeting of the Green Party of Laredo or El Partido Verde is scheduled to be held this evening (Thursday, Dec.29th) at 6:00pm at Johnny Carino's.  Anyone who is interested is invited to attend. The Discussion will be about setting up county green party, upcoming elections, and whatever else folks want to discuss concerning progressive politics.

For more information, please visit the Texas Green Party website at


  1. Keyrose, you should make it out there, I'm sure someone there is bound to know a little something about keeping our environment cleand, picking up tires and windrow'ing.

    Tom Wade, I know you're itching to join.

  2. Max, while I too (believe it or not) am a fan of a clean environment, I still am a republican. Even though my party's choices for president are not acting the way I would like, I still think Romney or Santorum is better than the current president.

    Sorry Greens, you will have to survive without me. I know, tears are being shed all over Laredo.....oh well.......

    Thanks for the thoughts Max.

    PS< I am starting my blog back today..I have been upset with all the arrest of parents whose kids get away from them. Check out my blog later this PM on the topic.

  3. best wishes for the green party....i would go to the meeting, but I have to work. I look forward to futire meetings

  4. check them out on facebook:!/pages/Webb-County-Green-Party/197713903655664

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