Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ocupy Laredo:Exiled off Main Street

As Laredo's Most Imposing Blog, La Sanbe put it, the Occupy Laredo movement was, for all intents and  purposes, exiled by our seedy council to the penal colony known locally as El Metro Park & Ride.

District 1 councilman Mike Garza apparently took advantage of an unsuspecting group of citizens, many of whom hadn't even heard of this so-called Park & Ride. Garza was  banking on the notion that simply having the word "Park" in the name of his suggested location would draw a positive response from the would-be-occupiers and lo and behold, his scheme worked.

It now appears that those whom the seedy council chooses to look down upon as ne'er-do-wells will be banquished to the former Laredo Air Force Base wherein the Park & Ride lies. It is not exactly a location that offers Occupy Laredo any semblance of high visibility. Yet, councilman Garza may have overlooked a strategic truth in his ploy.  Within a stones throw of the future Occupy Laredo campgrounds, stands one of the most blatant symbols of the 1 per cent, the privileged few and the dis-connected: The Washington Birthday Celebration Association headquaters.

It looks like the Park and Ride might not be such a bad center of operations for Laredo's fledgling Occupy Movement afterall.


  1. Maybe it'd be a good idea to set up a "Pitchforks and Torches" store right next door.

    You know, just in case.

  2. I like to keep my enemies close, but my patrons closer.

  3. Good idea BTB but you have to bring out the top of the line in Pitchforks and Torches for such a special occasion as the WBCA celebration! Preferably ones sanctioned by the Marthas. Everything's gotta be oppulent, even the "storming" and pillaging.

  4. WBCA = Whites Be Come Asses