Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Otra Vez, nos fallo el Heatwave

"I reckon' it'll be right down mild for ol' Thanksgivin' again"

It looks like another Thanksgiving day with the temperature in the mid-80s. At least that's how it appears according to the weatherman. The forecast for Laredo and vicinity is for a low Thursday morning of 62 degrees and a high of about 84.

Personally,  I think Heatwave Behrler could at least change his name around early November to "Cool Breeze Behrler" or something that might make things seem a little bit more seasonally. With our local weatherman branding the name of Heatwave year round, what are the chances of us getting any nice, cold weather during Thanksgiving or the rest of the Holiday Season?


  1. Hell, if he doesn't do it on his own, I say we all buy some black ski masks and give him a "Code Red" until he drops that silly nickname.

    On second thought, I'm in for a "Code Red" with or without the change.

  2. Nomas con que no se lo lleve de encuentro el Border Patrol otra vez.