Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like.....late summer, early fall

It's hard to tell whether the brush is simply dry or turning wintry

Ol' Heatwave is predicting another cold cool fresh front for late Wednesday or early Thursday. It should cool things down just a tad but the bad news is that it'll warm up into the low 90s by as soon as Sunday. So if you want to wear your alternate sweater or chaqueta, you'll have a really short window to pull that off.

The best weather for a lumbrita or carnita should be Thursday  when the temperature is expected to reach about 78 degrees for a high. However, it's more than likely the heaviest activity will be, once again, on Cowboy Sunday.

The Vaqueros will face the almost as lowly Seattle Seahawks with their ominous 2-5 record this Sunday at High-Noon at Jerry's world.


  1. Truchas when talking about Laredo's team...

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