Monday, November 14, 2011

City, County continue to cower for Eagle Ford Shale jobs

Eagle Ford Shale
Last week, Webb county commissioner Jaime Canales came out once again praising the "jobs, jobs, jobs" impact that the Eagle Ford Shale activity is having on Laredo.  Who doesn't want jobs right?  Now the City of Laredo has the above graphic plastered all over its website: announcing a January, 2012 Job and Vendor fair dedicated solely to the Eagle Ford Shale.

ANGA's local representative Jose Ceballos has demonstrated just how easy it is to buy political favors around town. He definitely has Canales and Mayor Salinas in his corner while the area ranchers and residents are left to fend for themselves. For the politicos, it's an outrage even to ask questions about how fracking might be negatively impacting the health of our citizens as it simultaneously depletes our precious water resources.

Eagle Ford Shale can do no wrong in the eyes and pockets of our beloved elected officials.

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