Thursday, July 26, 2012

What no mayor?

What's this? A forklift supply an service company opens a Laredo branch and no politicos?  Unless they mayor will grace this afternoon's edition of Pro8News or one of the other local media, it looks like our elected officials might have missed a golden opportunity to play to the cameras.

It makes perfect sense for a forklift-related operation to open shop in Laredo with as many trucks and warehouse around. Is it the first of its kind to open locally? I really don't know but still, the mayor's rooster might have fallen asleep; "se le durmio el gallo".

Once again, from today's LMT

Omni Industrial Tire / Industrial Battery have opened a warehouse and service facility in Laredo, Texas located at 4651 Casa Blanca Rd., #13.

Omni is the region’s authorized agent for Deka Industrial Batteries and Global Rubber Lift Truck Tires.

As the North American Dealer of Excellence recipient from Global Rubber, Omni has been in business for over 10 years in San Antonio and has a full service facility in McAllen, Texas.

Omni will stock a wide range of Forklift Tires for the market as well as have onsite tire pressing capabilities for all brands, models, and types of lift trucks.

In addition, Omni will serve as a parts and service center for its forklift battery, charger, and equipment support.

McAllen branch manager, George Moore says, “We are excited to open our facility in Laredo based on the success we’ve experienced there and the demand of our customers.

We’re looking forward to keeping South Texas lift trucks rolling as they have for many years”.


  1. There is a McAllen connection to this business and city leaders want to distance themselves from that as much as possible. Or could it be that they are just tired of the photo op?

  2. Maybe they want to stay out of the public eye for a while- or out of VIDA's view for that matter.