Monday, July 9, 2012

Ol' Rick Perry says "no thanks" to medicaid expansion

At least he didn't threaten to secede this time around, but Texas GOP governor Rick Perry has sent a letter to the feds saying that he will not implement the medicaid expansion plan called for by Obamacare.

It's funny how the GOP / Tea party always hold up the constituion and claim that Obama loves to ignore it.  Yet, for the most part, they have all banded together to ridicule Supreme Court chief justice Roberts and his decision to uphold many parts of the Affordable Care Act.  All of a sudden, they don't think much of the constitution nor of laws the court has found to be constitutional.

From The Christian Science Monitor

The provision that Perry wants the state to reject would add to the state’s Medicaid rolls more than 1.5 million poor, childless adults who are currently ineligible, plus as many as 300,000 pregnant women, children and extremely poor parents who already qualify but aren’t enrolled.

The coverage would begin in 2014. In the first five years, the state’s costs for the expansion would be $5.8 billion, and Texas would receive $76.3 billion in federal matching funds. Despite that prospective gain, Perry said it would be unwise to enlarge “a broken system that is already financially unsustainable.”

The Republican governor also told Sebelius he opposes a state health insurance exchange, which he said would open the door to federal control of Texas’ insurance markets. Some other conservatives have argued Texas should take steps to set up the exchange on its own, in case the federal law survives. If it does, the federal government will establish the exchange.

Federal officials declined to respond directly to Perry, saying that under the law, the exchanges and other benefits will help expand coverage and pledging to work with states to provide flexibility.

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