Wednesday, July 4, 2012

VIDA's Dr. Hector Farias : guarding the chicken coop at city hall

Dr. Hector Farias from VIDA (Voices In Democratic Action) again addressed the city council this week.  He once again urged the city to move on fully activating the still-dormant City of Laredo ethics commission.

Not having the hi-tech digital equipment that Laredo's Most Imposing Blogger, La Sanbe has, I had to resort to typing out the text of his comments to the best of my (and my aching wrist)'s ability.
From the City of Laredo city council meeting for Monday, July 2, 2012

Dr. Hector Farias speaks to Laredo city coucil

"How appropriate that we are here on the eve of fourth of July. We are a country of laws, we are ruled by a constitution, we are obliged to observe that constitution, the const of this city is the city charter. 

Some of you have not read the city charter or chose not to understand it.Let me  give you a very simple example for those of you who have not read it.

Just imagine that city hall is the chicken house and in it are the chickens, we are all here, we are the taxpayers, we pay you, the guards , to protect us from the fox, not to feed us to the fox.

Unfortunately, some of these foxes are already inside the chicken coop and we need that ethics commission to remove the fox. That’s all you need to r3emember….about the city charter. 
You took an oath, and I have Mr. San Miguel’s, they’re all the same: (reads oath) 
I, Charlie San Miguel do solemly swear that I will faithfully execute the duties of The city of Laredo dist 6 of the state of texas and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution and the laws of the United states and of this state, so help me God  
Signed on the 20th of December 2010.

Vida is here because you all  have violated the city charter and we believe that the ethics commission has not been implemented because it is replete with the violations that have been committed. We’ve got a slew of violations to soon as it’s active, so we’re waiting. 

Now, we know that there was one and there was some work done, it’s not been activated. We are here to tell you that by the next meeting, we want to have that ethics commission working, you’ve had years to work on it. 

We know that there have been some reasons for stonewalling, for delaying, because you all know what’s coming. I mean, you all are very smart people, you know exactly what our complaints are going to be and it’s going to be a very busy ethics commission. 

Our attorney will be sending you a demand letter these days and if need be, we’ll go to court to enforce what’s in the city charter, whats in the law. We don’t want to do that but after years of waiting, you leave us no choice".


  1. What could the complaints be?!

    I've been toying with the idea of whether or not to put up a how-to video showing how to capture t.v. footage. All you need is a DVR and a capture device (for Mac or PC).

    With the device, you can also convert VHS into digital files to burn onto DVDs. Although, Wal-Mart does that for $2, I just learned.

  2. IF I were saavy enough, I sure could use that. I'll make it a point to take notes if you ever do decide to post that info-I can't be the only one who's digitally challenged-well, maybe I am.


  3. Cheap and easy way is to use your phone and send video to utube and repaste. Cheap but can be time consuming.

  4. Kudos to Dr. Farias. I urge all of you to attend a VIDA meeting (always open to the public) and find out about the group's mission. It's time to turn on the lights and make the cockroaches run!