Monday, July 16, 2012

Mayor's post breaks Laredo record for longest blog sentences

While it is still unclear whether it was mayor Raul G. Salinas or City of Laredo Public Information Officer Xochitl Garcia Mora who wrote a recent Huff Post piece, one thing is clear.  The author, whoever that may happen to be, certainly works on the cutting edge.

Showing almost a complete disregard for traditional and functional sentence structure, the mysterious author chose to unhurl a plethora of commas instead.

The following two sentences, appearing back to back-believe it or not, average about 47 words and 6 commas, each. Not even on their most rambling of days do KeyRose, BTB, QueFregados or any of the other talented Gateway City bloggers come even close to equalling this incredible, albeit dubious feat.


The city's location and development, as a close neighbor to Mexico, aside from creating tourism as Laredo's second-leading industry, has created a unique and dynamic bilingual and bicultural community, for both business and personal sectors of the residents' lives.

Taking advantage of this understanding, appreciation, and mastery of the Spanish language and Mexican culture, business mores, and governmental processes, City of Laredo leaders have gone throughout Central and South America and applied those same principals to facilitate trade from these countries through Mexico, faster, cheaper, and just as securely as other U.S. ports.

Look at it this way: for those of you old enough to remember songs from the hippie era, you could say that these two utterances are certainly the Inna-gadda-davida of all sentences.


  1. Max, you are ruining my remembrances of Iron Butterfly....please refrain from putting anything the city does in the same story as Iron, which by the way was one of the first live concerts I ever attended.

    As for the jist of the post, I believe the city like many others have given up on English and hope for the best.

  2. Point well taken Tom Wade. Just one more clarification on the issue for those who may be too young to remember. Iron Butterfly's "Inna-gadda-da-vida" ran for 17 minutes and seemed like a good analogy for the looooong sentences. The sad part is that the mayor's post included no drum solo.


    1. I didn't know the exact time the song lasted, all I know it was about two beers long on a hot summer night......or the time it took to make 4 rounds at the local indoor/outdoor mall we cruised in KCMO in the late 60's.

  3. You know, you could make a blog post a day on Salinas' blog post (*ahem* his alleged blog post).

  4. That is what an educated "P" sounds like

  5. Nomas le faltava el drum solo. Hahaha.

    If an Iron Butterfly reference is off limits, perhaps you can go with Television's "Marquee Moon" or Neil Young's "Down By The River."