Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baeza: Officer had good reason to be in such close proximity to beer run girl

I dont' think many Laredoans wanted the officer of "Mami Chulas" fame to be fired but it was still surprising to see LPD spokesman Joe Baeza completely absolve the officer of any wrong doing.

Baeza pointed out that the officer was responding to a call, did not choose that particular call himself and had an explanation for the Mami Chula's girl to be in such close proximity to him. A viral photo shows the officer's patrol car with its driver's-side door open and the girl practically, as the lady taking the picture put it, "sitting on his lap".

If nothing else, the officer should have been reprimanded for being so lax with his own safety, and that of the girl.  As the lady taking the picture said on Pro8News, whenever she has dealt with an LPD officer in the past, they have made it clear that she keep her distance for safety reasons.

Can anyone imagine what would happen if a police officer responded to a call and a male subject walked over to the officer's car, opened the car and practically crawled in?  I don't think we want to find out. 

Essentially, the police spokesman stated that the officer did nothing wrong. Does this means that this type of behavior is invited? If it is completely acceptable then can every officer on the department can follow the same protocol without any repercussions?

Most of the people I've talked to (about 10) have indicated, in no uncertain terms, that the officer was definitely wrong in handling the Mami Chula's call the manner in which he did.


  1. Beer Runs are the bastion of the city. This is an unfair hunt against them.

  2. Mami Chula's provides a service to the community. IF you are offended by the ladies' attire...please stick to shopping at Chic-e-Lins, Julian Guerra's, Little Arts, Alfredo Santos or your local corner store. No need to be Hatin' on the EYE Candy!