Friday, July 27, 2012

Disturbing trend continues in local politics

The Laredo Morning Times recently reported that long-time United Independent School Disrict board member Pat Campos has filed for a position on the ballot to run for the Laredo city council.  In running for Johnny Rendon's District V upcoming vacancy, Campos continues a long tradition of of local politicians merely switching from one local governing board to another. Its always the same people, only the offices keep changing.

Former Laredo City council members NOW on LISD's board of trustees

Jose Valdez
Johnny Amaya
Dr. Cecilia Moreno
Hector "tito" Garcia

Current UISD employees NOW on the Laredo city council

Mike Garza
Esteban Rangel

Current LISD & UISD board members who are also Webb county employees

Johnny Amaya
Dr. Cecilia Moreno
Rick Rodriguez

Current and upcomng Webb county commissioners formerly with LISD/LCC/City council

Jaime Canales
Rosaura Tijerina
John Galo

And people wonder why nobody votes? Yes, I know I probably missed a few.


  1. Add term limits on all political offices, THEN apply an ethics comission. That way you have a time frame to get the job done, or get sent packing for not. At-large should be something to consider again.

  2. The problem is, no one wants to run for office anymore as they will get skewered with anything they have done in their lives.

    That in itself is not a bad thing, but sometimes the media focuses on things that are really outside the realm of whether a person is qualified or not to run, ie, who dated/married/divorced who, etc....

  3. My uncle Lupon wants to run for office but with the heat here in Laredo, he is always drunk by 11:00 a.m. Not too productive...mi tio!

  4. Is your tio, Chuy Olivares, the guy is always drunk.