Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pro8news: Late again with unemployment "news"

A couple of days ago, LaredoTejas posted about Laredo's rising unemployment rate. To be honest, The Laredo Morning Times had briefly written about the same thing at around the same time. Still, it wasn't until this evening (Tuesday) that Pro8News finally reported on the not-so-new "news".

Also, I found it interesting that channel 8's segment featured the mayor's voice via telephone spinning the employment figures just as LaredoTejas predicted he would. Even more interesting was the fact that when I went to post that particular video, it was nowhere to be found on the Pro8News website. It's not the first time that a mayoral segment has been ommitted from the site.

Not that it was anything noteworthy: The mayor just resorted to his usual "we gotta bring economic development to Laredo with the help of LCC in preparing employees for the workforce". It was something to that effect. I guess the mayor's one-track doesn't let him think of anything creative. The only thing he keeps mentioning is how great the Eagle Ford Shale play is- something that neither he, nor the seedy council, can take any credit for.

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