Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marketing ploy or authenic letter to the editor: you decide


When the City of Laredo decided to open an un-finished, and very possibly dangerous Unitrade baseball park, there was a surprisingly lack of letters to the editor surrounding the melee. Of course, the bloggers and Laredo Morning Times' Kenny Ryan were certain to take notice.

In contrast, there was a recent, very positive op-ed from a visitor to Lemur park who lavished all sorts of praise for "whoever is running the show" at Unitrade Park. Naturally, it is our job as members of BOLAS (Bloggers of Laredo Association's Standards) to view such a thing as a possible marketing ploy, or at least offer it up to their readers for their consideration.

From The Laredo Morning Times' Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

I was at the game Tuesday night, had a great time, the Lemurs won 7-3 and it was an exciting game.

But what I was much more impressed with was the turnout at the game that night.

The stadium was pretty full for a Tuesday night and the crowd was really into the game.

I also found out that it was two for two night at the Lemurs game and dollar beer!

I would just like to thank whoever is running the show there at the stadium and doing a good job.

The food is great, the beer is cold and the ticket price is affordable, just my kind of having fun.

It’s a beautiful stadium. Thanks.


Rene Garcia


  1. Max, I have been to many games at the stadium, and what the letter writer said is true. The ballpark is great and the prices and food are good.

    For those of us who suffered with Veterans Field (one concession stand, one bathroom) the new park is great.

    My only complaint about the new ballpark is that there is no American flag flying in the outfield. The flag poles are up, but the city cannot find the flags. Go figure.

  2. In that case, they should borrow the gigantic flag from the old LNB drive-thru downtown. Thanks for the assessement of the park. I admit I haven't been to any of the games.


  3. I may go down an buy one, just so there is a flag to look at when they play the national anthem.