Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Did I miss someting: Did Mark Schuster deliver on promised events?

I found this interesting report from our "coverage you can count on" people over at Pro8News. It's from April of this year. With the Ventura Group still in a frenzy to finish Unitrade Park on time (which they failed to do so), Mark Schuster tried to appease the natives by promising a slew of events for the upcoming Summer months.

Well, here we are in Late July and, maybe I missed it, but did Schuster really deliver on any of the events he sounded so sure about?

From Pro8News for April 17, 2012

But the new Uni-Trade stadium is more than just a ballpark and will provide more than jobs to the city of Laredo.     The stadium is designed to be used year-round and CEO Mark Schuster wants the stadium to be filled every night.

(Mark Schuster\Lemurs managing partner and CEO): "I mean it really is more than a baseball stadium, it's a venue that holds all kinds of events year-round, professional boxing, mixed martial arts, concerts, festivals. It will have almost 200 events a year."

Late in May, a professional boxing match is scheduled to come to Uni-Trade stadium. Officials said they are still confirming the fighters and say they should announce it next week.
A national beer pong tournament is also scheduled for September.

 As for concerts, inside sources for the Lemurs tells us the stadium plans on kicking off the summer season featuring country singer Miranda Lambert in June


  1. The city has not allowed Ventura Sports to do anythng, other than play baseball, until the stadium is 100% complete and they have a signed full occupancy permit. Most likely that will be mid-August.

    Ventura Sports wanted these events, but cannot go forward.

  2. I see. Do You know who was ultimately responsible for NOT finishng the park on time? If it was the Ventura group, then they DID default on their promise. If it was the city, then I can see your point has some validity.

    Thanks for reading Tom Wade

  3. It was the contractor who did not "finish" on time, according to city hall, and of course the contractor said they are not to be finished until Aug 15th....so pick one.

    All I know is that Ventura Sports wants to have the extra events as they are money makers for them. Ventura group is only leasing the stadium. They have no control over the contractors.

  4. Shuster is a con man, a puppet of Chuy Olivares and park and rec who really run and own the stadium.

    You all were fooled into paying for Olivares and Villareal's personal stadium for their boxing and MMA fights via Lester Bedford promotions of Ft. Worth, TX.

    Keep your eyes on all boxing and MMA fights at the stadium, the money is for Olivares and Villarreal.

    baseball was always a side plus thing for them. Why do you think they didn't allow the Roses in there? It's not a money maker for Olivares.

  5. What ever happened with this team? and Mark Scheuster?

  6. Not sure what happened to the team. Shuster is attempting to get an independent baseball league, Southwest League of Professional Baseball started. He has already announced 2 teams, one in Waco and one in Royce City. The league is scheduled to begin play in April of 2018.