Thursday, September 13, 2012

Winter Texans prefer Rio Grande Valley : Laredo not included

Every fall, a long line of RVs parade through the state of Texas as folks from the north make their way to warmer weather for the winter. The transient group is called Winter Texans or more causally, Snowbirds. Not only do they come in search of more temperate winter weather, but they require good healthcare, high quality RV parks, and plenty of senior activities. Texas embraces this positive population because they are often the balance in an economy that would otherwise be reliant on summer vacations.

If you're thinking of joining this Southward bound group of RVers, here are 5 of the best destinations in Texas.

1. The Rio Grande Valley

This is probably the gold standard in Winter Texan destinations for a variety of reasons. The weather is temperate in the winter, so balmy breezes and ocean air make this a real winter vacation. Healthcare is abundant in the Valley. There are major medical centers in McAllen, Brownsville, and Harlingen. One of the most attractive medical features is Mexico. Many retired Winter Texans need to conserve their money, and they find that pharmaceuticals are less expensive across the border. A word of warning on that. The drug violence in Mexico may be something to consider for safety reasons. The Valley is rife with RV parks. Take your choice. Whether you want that Gulf Breeze, a heated pool, a walking trail or a variety of other senior activities, just about all the resorts are vying for that Winter Texas dollar. Bird watchers will be in paradise in this warm climate. The Brownsville International Birding Festival is definitely a highlight for the nature lover.

2. Rockport
3. Kerrville
4. Canyon Lake
5. East Texas


  1. All of the restaurants have employees who all speak English and provide real customer service.

    There are activities for seniors in the late afternoon and early evening.

    These folks are treated as guests. Laredo never does that.

  2. On Zapata Hwy you see the big RVs heading south. We don't even cater to them by having some type of rest stop so they can recharge before going on to their destination.

  3. I haven't been to the lake in a while, but wasn't there a half-assed RV park they had constructed for winter Texans a few years back? As always, Laredo can do better. And think of the contributions Winter Texans can do for your city. A majority of these people have money and an education. I'm pretty sure the Valley has benefitted from these people in the form of businesses and an educated workforce.

    In "Salinas" terms, THINK OF ALL THE MONEEEE!!! Maybe they can use all, or part, of the land that wasn't used for the Town Center as an RV park. Just an idea.