Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Algo es algo

From today's LMT

As Laredoans no doubt continue to feel the pain at the gas pump, a Texas grocery chain is offering its customers some relief.

Beginning today, customers who purchase an H-E-B Gift Card and use the card when filling up will save 12 cents a gallon at any one of H-E-B’s participating fuel stations in San Antonio, Central Texas, Gulf Coast, Border and Rio Grande Valley.

H-E-B Gift Cards can be purchased at any H-E-B store.

Cards are reloadable and have no activation fees.

The promotion runs through December 31.

“H-E-B understands that delivering greater savings for Texans is top priority and gas prices have a large impact on family budgets,” said Linda Tovar, Public Affairs Director.

“At H-E-B, we always look for opportunities to help our customers save on the necessities they use most.”

During each gas transaction, the fuel savings will be immediately reflected at the pump, with no other restrictions or requirements.

Customers simply have to purchase an H-E-B gift card at any H-E-B store and swipe it before pumping gas.

H-E-B Gift Cards must be used to obtain savings at the pump.

A list of H-E-B stores with participating fuel stations can be found at


  1. I'll take it, as long as they don't raise their prices by 12 cents.

  2. I clicked on the link but its just the main website. I clicked here and there but I wasn't patient enough to find the list of participating HEBs."participating fuel stations in San Antonio, Central Texas, Gulf Coast, Border and Rio Grande Valley." I suppose we're in the "Border" category.

    I use gasbuddy on my android phone to get a sense of the local going rate before I fill up. Rudy's BBQ, Sams Club, and HEB plus often times have the lowest price per gallon, but its never been 12 cents less. I'll take it!

    Kind of a hassle because I always pay at the pump using a credit card. It saves time and I get reward points for something I have to buy anyway. Now I'll have to use my CC to buy the HEB giftcard to use at the pump. Man, the hoops I'll jump through to save 12 cents per gallon.

  3. It would make sense to be able to buy the gift cards at the little booth they have out by the filling station but maybe it would slow down the process of gassing up?