Thursday, September 27, 2012

What's afoot at City Hall??

Are the winds breezes of change blowing wafting over at Laredo's city hall? Well, somethings seems to be going on after the Mud Run debacle last weekend. There's three (3) separate agenda items that, in one way or another, related to the city councilman at the center of the "take the money and run" controversy, Charlie San Miguel.

Below are three items from the Monday, October 1st, 2012 Agenda. Draw your own conclusions:

Item 29. A. Request by Mayor Raul G. Salinas
1. Discussion with possible action regarding the ongoing police investigation on the mishandling of cash generated by the "No Mud No Glory—One Tough Mud’r" event held at North Central Park on Saturday, September 15, 2012. (Co-Sponsored by Mayor Pro Tempore Cynthia Liendo Espinoza, Council Member Mike Garza, & Council Member Johnny Rendon).

Item 29.B.

Request by Council Member Mike Garza

1. Discussion with possible action to instruct the City Manager to formally request the Police/Fire Civil Service Commission to adopt a nepotism prohibition as part of their Civil Service Commission Rules. (Co-Sponsored by Mayor Raul Salinas and Council Member Jorge Vera)

F. Request by Council Member Jorge A. Vera

1. Discussion with possible action to request a legal opinion regarding Laredo City Charter, §2.03 (C)’s prohibition against Interference with Administration as it applies to the "No Mud No Glory" event held at North Central Park on September 15, 2012, and the resulting violations of the City of Laredo’s Cash Handling Policy. (Co-Sponsored by Council Member Juan Narvaez & Council Member Esteban Rangel).



  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll be digesting it this weekend. Its hard to tell from the language whether they are trying to help San Miguel or screw him. It could go either way depending on the discussion that follows.... We'll see. Mayor and council would be foolish to help San Miguel after he keeps sinking deeper in a hole he'll never get out of so my guess is they will screw him. I hope I'm right.

  2. The rattlesnakes are beginning to stir......

  3. Set your DVRs for Monday. Like you've mentioned before, San Miguel will focus on the event's success/turnout to try to deflect attention from the alleged, improper handling of money.

    On the other hand, I don't know if I can fault anybody fully for acting the way they did after Carlos Villarreal said that one of the options for securing the funds was to put it in the police station vault. Really? I agree that the money shouldn't have been taken to anyone's house, but how can the city, and the councilman not prepare for such an event?

    It'll be interesting to see what transpires.

  4. Gather the pitchforks and torches . . .

  5. Make sure you take your camera- per que seas black and white para que parezca mas come Frankenstein!


  6. I think San Miguel is a crook. This is just one issue. He has a laundry list of issues that each merit resignation or removal. I'm happy to see that he's finally been caught in his web of lies.

    He was interviewed on Pro8 News and said that no money was missing and that an audit revealed that all money was accounted for. LIE! Now we learn that $3000 was originally missing on TUESDAY when it was counted at city hall. Someone came and replaced the missing money to try to save San Miguel but it was missing nonetheless and the CRIME had already been committed. The mud race was Saturday morning. Why was the money still at San Miguel's house on TUESDAY (2nd business day)? He said it was safer with him and apparently is was not safe at all.

  7. El Portal Gate
    Plaza Theatre Gate
    Southern Hotel Gate
    Kell/Munoz Gate
    Charlie San Miguel Gate

    Viva Laredo and its never ending stories of "Screwing Us Taxpayers without a Condom"

  8. Finally other council members step up to the plate. Make an example of what should happen to a lying cheating steeling council member. Invite the FBI to the meeting and maybe they will make the arrest on the spot!

  9. Que bueno. Now Charlie, his "Jesus Fish," and "Wooden Cross" will all be brought to justice.

  10. Sounds like its going to be a very entertaining city council meeting. Maybe the city can make a few extra bucks by setting up a concession stand. Nachos and a giant coke make a great combination with tonight's drama.

    I'll be watching and my council member better show full support for transparency/ethics to get my vote. There is no room for self-serving agendas in public office. I don't know that much about San Miguels sons but if its true that it was a violation of the city charter then they should be fired. We don't need council members that find and support loopholes we need council members that follow the laws and the intent of the law.

  11. Gerry Garza filed a lawsuit alleging the city of Laredo and Council Member San Miguel violated the nepotism prohibition of the city charter and therefore San Miguel's sons should be dismissed from the academy.

    I don't know who Gerry Garza is but I suspect he was directly affected.

  12. Where can I get more information about the lawsuit?

  13. Except for Mike Garza and Esteban Rangel who actually spoke up and admonished CSM publicly, what a bunch of spineless council members, especially Perez who could have at least spoken.

    The other council members probably feared retaliation from CSM. The problem is that he knows enough secrets about each council member to drag any of them out of office with him.