Sunday, September 30, 2012

WBCA continues down it's alcohol-fueled road to riches

Laredo's Washington Birthday's Celebration Association is again showing a certain lack of creativity. They are announcing yet another alcohol-fueled addition to its calendar, which already includes several beer-guzzling, wine and tequila-"tasting" event.  WBCA is, after all, the organization that put the "booze" in Jamboozie. The Border BeerFest is now, officially, part of the Washington Birthday's festivities. So the festivities are now startign In Oktober?

No report yet on stories that bail bonds and wrecker service companies are setting up temporary shop in the areas immediately surrounding the many alcohol-sponsored events at the WBCA.

Excerpted from Today's LMT

Things just got a little more festive down on the border.

The Border Beer Fest and first-ever Oktoberfest are now officially the newest festivals added to the 116th Annual Washington’s Birthday Celebration in Laredo, a two-month-long celebration beginning in January with dozens of events including food festivals, pageants, parades, air shows, fireworks, carnivals, comedy shows, concerts and dances, and now a beer festival.

Oktoberfest will add a bit of Texas German heritage to the 116-year-old celebration, with more than 200 different beers to sample from, as well as great food and live music.


  1. I'm on the Highway to ______ [fill in blank here to represent WBCA's alcohol fueled rampage]

    Wave a cane at em LT!

  2. Hey BTB there's an APB out on you and your blog. I haven't seen a good picture of "llantas" in a couple of months. No se les ocurre nada mas que andar bironguiando!