Thursday, September 20, 2012

Water usage Compare & Contrast: crack down on individuals, let Fracking companies do as they please

Interesting to see how the city handles different cases of unauthorized water usage

From The Laredo Morning Times

A man allegedly tried to steal about 8,000 gallons of water from a fire hydrant, Laredo police said.

Alejandro Goytortura, 50, turned himself in to authorities Tuesday afternoon at police headquarters to face a criminal mischief charge. He is out on bail.

On Aug. 16, a City of Laredo utilities inspector discovered an illegal hook up to a city-owned fire hydrant in the 400 block of Logan Avenue.

The inspector removed a metal coupling with a 100-feet blue hose and placed it in his pickup.

On Aug. 20, the inspector met Goytortura, who claimed responsibility and ownership of the hose installed on the hydrant, a complaint states.

Court documents allege Goytortura was doing a construction job at Logan.

Goytortura allegedly loaded water four times to water caliche he had thrown to repair a road.

The complaint alleges the water was being used to compact the caliche.

Goytortura further stated he rented a 2,000 gallon truck to transport the water, court documents state.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch - From reader's post to LaredoTejas

I have been studying water usage and the abuses being allowed by the city of Laredo for over a year. Municipal code 31-127 and municode 31-128 absolutely prohibits the resale of our water (potable) FOR ANY REASON.
 I presented these facts to the Laredo City Council with pictures and facts and figures and never received a reply from any council member. I contacted Councilman Perez and set up appointments to discuss and share these facts with him. HE HAS BEEN A NO SHOW AFTER AGREEING TO MEET ON 2 OCCASSIONS AND REFUSES TO RETURN MY CALLS.
While we the citizens continue to pay outrages and ever escalating rates the city wants us to continue subsidizing the oil and gas industry. This has been presented to VIDA and I am currently working with other organizations to put a stop to this illegal practice. The rates currently paid by these companies is .0035 cents per gallon based on the contract they have signed with city. Their total cost for unlimited water usage is $430.00 per month, any time, any day, as much as they want.
The city of Laredo is in deep doo-doo if they think they can continue to give away our water. Guess what fees did not increase? Commercial water usage. You will soon realize how deep and how far this corrupt action by our own city leaders goes. By the way according to Councilman Perez this was approved by City Manager Carlos Villarreal.


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  1. What the hell is going at city hall? Councilman Perez needs a lesson in facing constituents and in keeping his word and his appointments. City Hall is already overcrowded with spineless "yes sir, anything you say Carlos Villarreal" and we don't need our elected PUBLIC SERVANTS pulling this shit. In the words of my buddy Tom Wade "WAKE UP LAREDO!" and get these deadbeats out of office.