Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just say the magic words: "We followed a process"

In regards to the continuing sage of the newly-hired Webb County facilities director, Gilberto Garza, there seems to be some talking points being passed around.

A couple of weeks ago, when Garza had just gotten his new job, The Laredo Morning Times reported that his response to whether or not his uncle (Eduardo Garza of Unitrade) had influenced the decision to hire him was simply that he "had followed a process" and had gotten the job all on his own merits.

Last night on Fox 16 news, it was Danny Valdez's turn to tell the Fox reporter that he (Valdez) had also "followed a process". He indicated that a hiring committee had made the recommendation to hire Garza and the commissioner's court had simply acted on their suggestion. In other words, he resorted to a tried and true Valdez technique: "Se trato de limpiar las manos".

Well, tonight it was Pro8News' turn to report on the fiasco. The clip showed  VIDA's Dr. Hector Farias explaining the discrepancies in Garza's application(s) that indicate that he might have lied on his application. If that is true, then it presents grounds for possible termination.  KGNS's Orlando Garza (he of the bow tie) called Gilberto Garza several times and even went to look for him at his workplace, cameraman in tow, but was unable to find the elusive new facilities director.

Something tells me that if and when they do find him, he'll simply resort to the now-well-rehearsed line that he simply "followed a process".  Whatever that means.


  1. You're absolutely right. Same yada yada of "a process was followed" when Garros got the bridge freezers contract. Even the "neutral" speaker sang the same tune of a process was followed.

    It would be nice to edit a video with this recurring theme. "a process was followed [because the law requires the process so we did the dog and pony show process but in the end we chose who we wanted to choose.]"

    I saw a video on dated Sept. 25 and I'm appalled that Judge Valdez says he hasn't seen anything to support Farias' position. Is Valdez blind or is he keeping his eyes closed on purpose? The proof is all posted on "under issues" in black and white. Denying it is just a big fat lie as these documents came from the city's and county's official records.

  2. To all citizens interested in knowing more on this and other issues involving maleficence on the part of our elected officials please attend this Saturday's(Sept.29th) VIDA meeting at Blanquita's Restaurant located at 3370 Santa Maria starting at 11:00 am.and help us hold these elected officials accountable for their actions or inactions as the case may be.

  3. I agree- that would definitely be a good video to put together. Alas, my lack of technological saavy precludes me from putting one such video together. I guess I must have been absent on tech-saavy day. Excellent idea however.

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