Saturday, September 22, 2012

One-man convoys being tested in Europe

Something tells me that Laredo will NOT be part of a pilot program to test this "driverless" system for auto-piloted cars travelling in a sort of convoy.


  1. Don't we already have driverless cars operating in Laredo?

    There may be people behind the wheel, but they are not driving by definition.

  2. Technically speaking, I guess the answer is yes. The other day I saw one of those home health drivers on the loop-changing lanes without signalling. How could she signal? She was busy eating and texting at the same time.

    Ironically, on the back of her car, it said "How's my driving". For whatever it's worth, I called the number on the car and let her office know that actually, her driving wasn't good at all.

    The office lady sounded concerned but who knows? maybe she was upset because I interrupted HER eating and texting.