Thursday, September 13, 2012

Laredo Beer runs make UPI :referred to as "liquor store"

Laredo once again has made dubious news. This time, the United Press International is reporting a story that first appeared locally when an attempted robbery at Papi Chulo's beer run was thwarted by an "employee' and her 7 inch heels.  Notice how they changed "beer run" to "Liquor store'. I'm guessing most of the rest of the country (or world) have no idea what a Laredo beer run is.

From UPI's Odd News

LAREDO, Texas, Sept. 11 (UPI) -- Police in Texas said employees at a liquor store used a 7-inch stiletto heel and other handy objects to fight back against an armed robbery,
Laredo police said the suspect, identified as Fernando Gallegos, 20, pistol-whipped a worker at the Papi Chulos liquor store about 1 a.m. Sunday and demanded money, the San Antonio Express-News reported Tuesday.
Police spokesman Joe Baeza said the employee fought back when Gallegos attempted to force the register open and the gun went off during the struggle, striking the suspect in his inner right thigh. Other employees then joined the fight.
"One of the female employees was successful in [taking] the handgun from the grip of the suspect," Baeza said. "[Employees] used personal weapons, including a 7-inch stiletto heel, to pummel the suspect until they were able to subdue him and take away the weapon."

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  1. Beer runs are located all over the country. Laredo is not tht unique. You'd know that if you expanded your horizons.