Monday, September 9, 2013

Will LMT and/or Pro8News investigate possible nepotism at county?

If what Pct. 1 Constanble Rudy Rodriguez said holds any water, our local media may have a little project on their hands- if they see fit or course.  Rodriguez said Monday on Pro8News that the Webb county commissioners' court, which includes Wawi Tijerina, hired Wawi's husband for some new county job that reportedly pays $60,000 a year.  What if commissioner Tijerina abstained from voting, does that make a difference?

Here's what Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot has to say about the issue in the state publication entitled 2012 Texas Nepotism Laws made easy.

What types of local government officials rubject to the nepotism laws?
The nepotism statutes apply to any public official who is the final hiring authority or is a member of the governing body that has the final hiring authority.
It goes on to clarify:
A governing body or public employee would still be considered the final authority if either may exercise control over a hiring decision - even though such authority may have been delegated to another official or another entity.   
Even more clear, the AG's publication addresses the question of abstention:
May other members of a governing body vote to hire a person who is a close relative of a public official if that public official abstains from voting?
The short answer : No.
It would be interesting to get LMT's/ Pro 8 news take on this. Anybody think they'll cover this?
Here's a link to the AG's report:




  1. They will not put any time into this. The county shouldn't worry. Signed, Charlie San Miguel.

  2. Entonces para que les servi: on air, online and now on your mobile device?

  3. This could be a juicy story for Maria Eugenia Guerra of LaredoDos newspaper.