Monday, September 9, 2013

pre-fight warmup: Sheriff Cuellar strips away some of Rodriguez's domain

Lending more credence to the belief that Webb County Precinct 1 Constable Rudy Rodriguez will challenge incumbent Martin Cuellar for the Sheriff's position this coming year, there were shenaigans abound at today's Webb County Commissioner's meeting.  This is how it appeared on the agenda.
Discussion and possible action to transfer the oversight, supervision, financial and operational responsibilities of the Mental Health Unit from Constable Precinct No. 1 to the Webb County Sheriff’s Office, including all corresponding Slots, personnel and equipment assigned to this division, effective October 1, 2013.

Constable Rodriguez's opionon is that this move is some sort of retaliation. He told Pro8News that the commissioners had approved yet another new position at the county. It was some sort of traffic director and was given to the husband of commissioner Tijerina. However, Rodriguez did not go into detail as to how exactly it was retaliation. Perhaps behind the scenes during this formulative stage of the next election cycle alliances are being formed and shenanigans are sure to abound. 

Rodriguez appeared on the 5pm telecast of Pro8news and alluded to some political reasons with this proposed (now approved) move.  According to the Valerie Bragg, the commissioners voted aye after debating about an hour. Dicho y Hecho


  1. It's nice to be sheriff (and brother to a congressman) and get everything you ask for.

  2. And supposedly right in the middle of an FBI investigation into county corruption?