Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I guess we're getting another baseball complex we can't afford: Pretty Much

Just a couple of hours ago, I was surprised to learn (from Pro8news) no less that the city has decided to spend "a portion" of the proceeds of the civic center sale to buy yet another un-needed baseball park/complex. Someone, somewhere is going to get some big bucks. Councilman Esteban "Pretty Much" Rangel proudly spoke about the city's intentions with KGNS and astoundingly commented that he's not really worried about the cost of maintaining and operating another sports facility because, according to him, just one tournament will bring in about $800,000 dollars?  I am not making it up. I'm guessing Pro8News will probably post the report later on.

Anyway, not as if it matters, but Texas law regarding proceeds from sale of public property says:

(d)  The proceeds of the sale may be used only to acquire and improve property for the purposes for which the sold property was used.

Ok, so both the sold property and the property to be bought must be for the same purpose. Let's see, Was the city center used to play baseball?  MMM Pretty Much....No.
Will the new property include a ballroom and an auditorium?  MMM again, Pretty Much, No.

It looks like our slick city council is doing whatever they wish again with public funds.  Also, true to form, Pro8News does not specify what "portion" of the proceeds will go towards the new, un-needed sports complex. Is it 1 dollar or is it 5 Million dollars?   Hard to tell.


  1. Contact the Texas Attorney General with this concern. He's watching this I've heard.

  2. Max, can you please post where your information regarding CHAPTER 253 regarding sale or lease of prop. by munies? I'm B.T. and have posted on your blog regarding water issues. I would love nothing more than to get into the mix with this!!