Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Texas schools to experience increase use of "la m'am" and "el sir"

Today, the Texas Tribune came out with the latest figures on the changing demographics in the state's public schools.  This definitely increases the chances that the phrases "la m'am" and "el sir" will continue to be heard more and more throughout Texas schools.  N'ambre!

From The Texas Tribune

An analysis from Steve Murdock, director of Rice University’s Hobby Center for the Study of Texas, shows that of the roughly 979,000 children added to the state’s under-18 population from 2000 to 2010, about 931,000 were Hispanic. By 2050, Murdock’s projection shows, the number of Texas public school students is expected to swell to 9 million from roughly 5 million now, and nearly two-thirds will be Hispanic. The overall percentage of Anglo students will drop by half to about 15 percent.

The changes present both challenges and opportunities to Texas public schools. According to state data, Hispanic students have been statistically less likely to leave high school with a diploma than their Anglo peers. Of the Hispanic students who do graduate, few are prepared for college. In 2011, 42 percent met college-readiness benchmarks in both English and math, compared with 65 percent of Anglo students. Among economically disadvantaged students and those with limited English proficiency, the gap continues to widen. Thirty-eight percent of students who came from low-income households did well enough on their Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills or college entrance exams to qualify as “college ready.” Only 5 percent of those with limited English language skills did so.

Read the entire article at : http://www.texastribune.org/2013/09/10/class-2014-texas-demographic-future/

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