Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Texas Tribune keeps on trackin'

The Texas Tribune has just updated it's database of government employees' salaries. This includes your very own local, City of Laredo.  According to the Tribune's latest figures. There are 36  city of Laredo public employees (paid with your taxes and mine) making over $100,000 a year. Many of these are well over the $100K mark.  Even figuring 36 x $100K, that equals $3.6 Million dollars a year.  With the city looking to balance it's budget, a mere 5 per cent cut in salary for these 36 public employees would save the city approximately $200,000 dollars. 

Instead the city will raise the garage sale permit fee 200 per cent from $5 bucks to $15 bucks for each garage sale.  Take that you taxpayers.  How dare you try to make a few extra bucks without us taking our cut right off the top.

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  1. WOW! Great math. Why don't you take a cut in salary. How long have those employees been with the city? What is their educational background? I know you can't fathom making such a salary but why belittle those who can. This blog is still the same ol same ol. It was better when oumstoppedmposting. And judging by the comments section there ain't manynpeoplemreading it either.