Tuesday, December 4, 2012

City continues to squander $$ under pretext of Global Marketing

I see our geniuses (or is it geni?) over at the city council are STILL up to their old tricks. Last evening, they awarded $120,000 dollars to some trade consultants called Laredo Logistics International so they can put on a "Logistic Cities World Forum" some time next May.  Where do they keep pulling out the names for these events from anyway?  If it's going to be a  World Forum, then should this group not be required to at least call themselves  "Laredo Global Logistics"? Or is that name already taken by another opportunist team that keeps putting up these forums/conferences and for what?

I'm sure taxpayers don't mind that $120,000 are being practically thrown out the window especially when it happens at the same meeting that saw the same seedy council struggle to allocate any money for Laredo's Ruth B. Cowl Rehabilitation Center. "You know times are hard" lamented both council and staff as they praised the work of the therapy center with the other side of their mouths. But when it comes to squandering big bucks, they're pros!

Wait it gets better. If, and that's a big if, the "World Forum" is a success and proceeds roll in, then a Mr. Hector Vargas of the notorious Laredo logistics International stands to pull in an additional 20 per cent of the contract price. Let's see $120,000 x 20 per cent =  an additional $24,000. Again, compliments of the Laredo taxpayers.

See? Aren't we all being well served by our illustrious council?


  1. Look closely at who the consultant is. Hector Vargus worked, not sure if he still does, for Webb county as its economic director.

    And the Laredo Development Foundation and Logistics and Manufacturing Assoc, plus the brokers put on an event like this every year at no cost to the taxpayer.

    The city, under Salinas, never supported this effort. In fact they have continued to cut funding for economic development.

    1. The Vargus at Webb County is Juan Vargus. However look at Laredo International Logistics website and you see UniTrade listed as a partner.

  2. PS, where are the flowers?

    1. No shit, we were supposed to take all the flower trade away from Miami. Where is it Raul? Were you looking for fresh cut flowers in Saudi Arabia? I sure hope he took vacation time because the city shouldn't pay his "trade missions."

  3. The city is really good about picking sides. It's amazing how they keep things on the 'down low' when they should be welcoming everybody that may have expertise to offer.

  4. Wow, and Carlos Villarreal has the balls to say the planning just started. Does he think the public is stupid? see the website http://logisticcities.com/ They are already taking registrations and the agenda is full and all speakers are confirmed. Its practically a done deal.

    LMT 12/5/12 - But City Manager Carlos Villarreal said Tuesday he is extending an invitation to any entity wishing to work with the city on the event. “We desire to be inclusive, but we’re just starting,” Villarreal said. “It’s not like it’s anytime soon… it’s six months away and we want to make sure everyone is included to hear their ideas. “Nothing is set in stone.”

  5. Does Judge Danny Valdez work at La Posada?


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