Saturday, November 17, 2012

jamBOOZIE time again: same old, same old

The WBCA event that put the "booze" in Jamboozie is, once again, offereing no surprises this year. With their featured artist being La Mafia. It might as well still be the 1980s. It is apparent that those in charge of booking the musical talent for the alcohol-fueled festival chose to not expend even an ounce of effort in making a creative selection. 

Perhaps their reasoning goes somehting like this: Why should anyone care anyway, just about everyone will be smashed by then and those with families will make sure they leave well before the real debauchery ensues.

I'll drink to that!


  1. So much negativity . . .

  2. How....unoriginal. I will not be attending this event. Puro "TAKA TAKA TAKA" bands every year. :P

  3. This blogger spits on happy children. Soooooo negative. Why do you think no one reads this blog.

  4. They got it figured out- just as long as there's booze, who cares if it's the same ol' Taka Taka TaKa.