Thursday, November 1, 2012

LMT endorsements: No Surprises, status quo


From Laredo Morning Times, No Suprises.

For District 4, Juan Narvaez. The city stands to benefit from the continued presence of Narvaez in City Council.

His business experience has contributed to the myriad of permanent improvements undertaken by the city.

We urge the voters of District 4 to support Narvaez’s re-election to another term as a member of the City Council.

For District 5, Pat Campos. We believe Campos would be a positive addition to replace the retiring incumbent.

She brings a wealth of experience and commitment to public service and would make an excellent preventative for her district.

We strongly support her election to represent District 5.

For District 7, Jorge A. Vera. Rounding a relatively brief stint as city alderman for a growing District 7, Vera buckled down on short notice to become an effective representative for a part of town that has seen some improvements of recent times.

He has the smarts to appreciate and understand the pressing demands in his district, particularly in infrastructure, in connection with the Mines Road developments.

He’s involved with community and is the best choice among candidates to be returned to the District 7 council seat.

For District 8, Cindy Liendo Espinoza. Liendo Espinoza has represented her constituents well with matters of the city-wide concerns as well as projects of specific importance to her district.

She has been an effective councilwoman and has earned re-election for another four-year term.

Oh well, LMT needs to come up for some fresh air once in a while.  Speaking of:


  1. Vote against endorsements, got it.

  2. Carlos Villarreal buys out the LMT editors.

    Narvaez is a corrupt fool so is Vera, both need to be replaced right away.