Monday, December 17, 2012

Bad Move: LISD requests larger class size

Well, according to LMT, your friendly board of trustees over at LISD, along with the Superintendent are looking to increase the number of kids in their K-4th grade classrooms.  I believe one or two of them might have, at one time, been a teacher but obviously, they've forgotten what over-crowded classes are like.

The district is balking at having to hire 7 more teachers to accomodate students at the current 22 students to 1 teacher ratio and are instead asking for permission from the state to increase the number of kids.  As if the district scores were good to begin with.

Just earlier this year, LISD gave out $2,500 bonuses to teacher district wide plus lesser bonuses for other staff. The totatl was over a couple of million dollars. Now, they can't afford 7 teachers?  I bet you none of the trustees have kids in LISD's k-4th grades.

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  1. Crowding classrooms is bas especially when the kids have a low attendance span. que?